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About Me!

My name is Alicia Casey, founder and operator of Casey & Co., Paralegal Services, LLC.


My journey into the legal field began in 2010 during a personal experience which resulted in my desire to become educated to all things law and ultimately pursue a career as a paralegal.  I enrolled in the Paralegal Program at Palm Beach State College and graduated early 2012.


Since graduating, for the past eleven (11) years, I have followed my passion working primarily in the family law field, lightly touching on criminal law.

I have a strong ability to connect with clients and work cases with empathy and to ensure justice is served.  Family matters generally involve the dissolution of a marriage, sharing parental responsibility and timesharing of minor children, in addition to the division of assets, sometimes a home.  I have both personal and professional experience in the process of family law matters.  

Casey & Co. Paralegal Services, LLC., provides prompt and efficient work product and support services catered to the specific needs of each law firm and sole practitioners.

Casey & Co. should be your first choice as we offer and have readily available, same day and next day support services both in person and virtually.  

Contact us today to discuss our services and receive a quote!

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